Shilpa Shinde of Big Boss 11 Winner got a huge amount in the reward

Hina Khan, runner up Big Boss 11, while Vikas Gupta, who is second runner-up Punish Sharma also managed to make it to the top 4

Shilpa Shinde of Big Boss 11 Winner

Mumbai: The Big Boss-11 has got a new winner. It is a matter of fact that TV show Shilpa Shinde, who has gone on an end TV show 'Bhabhi ji hai hai' And in this way, Shipla Shinde has earned a huge amount as a reward.

Shipla Shinde has got a reward of Rs 44 lakhs as a reward.

By the way, the amount of Rs 50 lakh was fixed for the winner, but Shipla Shinde got only Rs 44. After all, why have they got less than six lakh rupees, the answer is that there was a task which was the condition that whatever would be the winner would get 6 lakhs from the winner and this Task Vikas Gupta won.

On the other hand, Hina Khan, runner up of the show, while Vikas Gupta, who is the second runner-up, Punish Sharma also managed to make it to the top 4

Shilpa Shinde's premise

The special thing is that Shilpa Shinde, who hit the house with Rival Vikas Gupta, kept her magic in the reality show and entertained the audience with a lot of enthusiasm.

Vikas Gupta's distances, proximity and quarrels were the issue of discussion in those who saw this reality show.

Let us tell you that Big Boss season 11 started on October 1, 2017. At the beginning of the show, a total of 18 people, including 14 contestants and 4 neighbors, were given entry into the Big Boss house.

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